Capri Ristorante and Lounge is like coming home for dinner. With our recent expansion, there is more room than ever to sit back and relax with a wide variety of pastas and meat and seafood entrees. An extensive wine selection is always available. The excellently trained staff as well as the owner, Arturo di Rosa, will go out of their way to insure you have a wonderful dining experience, including helping you pick out that perfect bottle for dinner. Capri Ristorante was rated by Indianapolis Monthly as one of the best restaurants of 2003. Do not miss the opportunity for a culinary treat.

Capri is an island of limestone rock that represents the outermost tip of the mountain chain on the Sorrentine peninsula. The coastline, whose dolomite cliffs fall right to the sea in many spots, is dotted with countless caves and surrounded by reefs whose shapes suggest fantastic creations. Mount Tiberio (334 m.), to the east, and Mount Solaro (589m.) to the west are the two peaks on the island. Between these heights, on a saddle shaped ridge connecting the marina Grande, (“Large Marina”) – north end – and the Marina Piccola, (“Small Marina”) to the south – is the town of Capri (138m.). The other town, Anacapri (286 m.), sits in the large, verdant plain to the west of Mount Solarno.

The etymology of the name Capri must be traced back to the Greeks, the first colonists to populate the island in record time. This means that “Capri” was not derived from the Latin “Capreae” (goats), but rather the Greek “Kapros” (wild boar).

Starting in the first half of the last century, in the wake of the discovery of The Blue Grotto, or "Blue Cave," the flow of Italian and foreign tourists began, being drawn to the island by the climate, the hospitality of the people and the colors and magnetic atmosphere of the various sites. Writers, painters, exiles, rich and eccentric visitors, from the end of the 1800's until the Second World War, chose the island as their year-round or seasonal residence, building villas and contributing to the creation of the multi-facetted, multi-lingual, cosmopolitan colony that made the name Capri famous and established the island's myth.

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