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Insalata Caprese
Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced Tomato, Olive Oil & Basil

Stuffed Red Bell Pepper
With chicken, pine nuts, ricotta cheese and raisins.

Mozzarella Prosciutto Crudo
Fresh Mozzarella with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

and Prosciutto Ham di Parma
Salsiccia Secca alla Calabrese
Homemade Dry Salami & Aged Provolone Cheese

Grilled Eggplant
Chilled, Sliced Grilled Eggplant marinated in Olive Oil & Garlic & Roasted Red Peppers.

Shrimp Cocktail
Chilled Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Insalata Azzura
Smoked Salmon Salad with mixed Baby Greens with Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil & Shaved Cheese.

Grilled Chicken Cesar
Fresh romaine with ceaser dressing and grilled chicken

Zuppa Fresh, homemade soup of the day.

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
With chicken, ricotta cheese and spinach.

Carciofi Marinati
Fresh Whole Artichokes Marinated Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Garlic & Roasted Red Peppers.

Calamari Fritti
Tender Calamari fried in Capri's Special Batter

Gamberoni Fra Diavolo
Shrimp sautéed in White Wine, Garlic, Olive Oil and Marinara Sauce

Melanzane Parmigiana
Eggplant topped with Fresh Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheeses with Tomato Sauce & Basil.

Served Hot
Insalata di Mare
Chilled Seafood Salad tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon Juice

Insalata Piemontese
Grilled chicken on fresh baby greens with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, shaved cheese and Balsamic Vinegar.

Ravioli Aurora
Parma Specialty, Homemade Pasta filled with Ricotta & Spinach served in a light Tomato Cream Sauce

Fettuccine and Meatballs
Homemade fettuccine pasta with ground veal meatballs in red wine tomato sauce.

Tortelloni alla Papalina
Home Made Pasta stuffed with Ricotta Cheese and served in an Old World Sauce made with Prosciutto Ham, Crimini Mushrooms in a light Cream Sauce

Pennetta Bolognese
Penne Pasta sautéed with a ground veal and tomato bolognese

Fettucina del Golfo
Fettuccine Pasta & Shrimp sautéed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, White Wine & Tomato Sauce

Gnocchi di Patate Sorrentina
Homemade Potato Dumplings with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella Cheese

Lasagna of the Day
Homemade lasagna with ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Ask your server for details.

Linguine alla Vongole
Linguine with Fresh Clams in White Wine Broth or Tomato Sauce

Dal Macellaio Del Corso

Filetto Dell' Alpino
8 oz. of Tender Filet of Beef sauteed in Red Wine Sauce with Baby Portobella Mushrooms

Pollo can Salsiccia
Rich in Flavor, Boneless Breast of Chicken sautéed in White Wine & Rosemary with Crimini Mushrooms and Italian Sausage

Piccato di Vitello al Limone
Veal Scalloppina sautéed in White Wine and fresh lemon juice

Petto di Pollo Valdostano
Sauteed Chicken Breast topped with Prosciutto Ham & Fontina Cheese in a White Wine Sauce

Scalloppina di Vitello Pizzaiola
Veal Scalloppina sautéed in Olive Oil, Garlic, Fresh Tomato Sauce, White Wine, and Capers

Gamberoni Portofino
Jumbo Tiger Shrimp Sauteed in White Wine, Fresh Lemon Juice, with a Touch of Garlic

Costata di Maiale Masaniello
12 oz. Pork Chop sautéed with White Wine, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Senape Mustard, Pancetta and a Touch of Light Cream

Vitello Romagnola
Veal Scalloppina sautéed in White Wine, topped with Mozzarella Cheese, Sage and Crimini Mushrooms

Pesce del Giorno
Fresh Fish of the Day

All of the Above Lunches are served with Complimentary Fresh Vegetables & Potatoes, No Substitutions Please
We are Open for Lunch & Dinner Monday through Sunday
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